Treating Occasional Constipation and Irregularity

Treating Constipation and Irregularity Starts with Identifying the Problem.

Identifying and targeting the symptoms of constipation and irregularity are important first steps. Inactive or sluggish bowel function is just one symptom.

Selecting the right laxative for you means getting relief from your constipation and irregularity with little to no disruption to your daily routine.

Selecting the Laxative That is Right for You.

There are different laxative types available over-the-counter – each works differently to relieve constipation and irregularity. Here is a summary of leading types of laxatives.


Osmotic Laxative

Bulk-Forming (Fibre) Laxative

Stimulant Laxative

Examples of Brands RestoraLAX®,
Fibre ChoiceTM
Examples of Medicinal Ingredients Polyethylene Glycol Psyllium, Inulin Sennosides, Bisacodyl
Mode of Action Retains water in the bowel to soften stools and increase the frequency of bowel movements Adds bulk and allows more water to remain in stools; making them larger, softer and easier to pass. Works by stimulating the muscles of the bowel to accelerate the stool's journey through the colon.
Form Generally available in powder form. Generally available in powder and oral pill form. Generally available in oral pill, liquid or suppository form
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for occasional constipation
for constipation and/or irregularity