Constipation 101

How to Help Relieve Constipation

A woman drinking water from a water bottle


Make sure you stay hydrated by drinking an adequate amount of fluids throughout the day.

Legs in motion as if running


Exercise may help the digestive system move food through the large intestine more efficiently.

A person's feet on a footstool in front of the toilet to help with proper toilet posture


How you sit on the toilet can go a long way when it comes to emptying your bowels. Some sources suggest using a footstool to keep your knees higher than your hips and leaning forward with your hands resting on your thighs to help you go.

A person siting in a yoga lotus pose with legs crossed and eyes closed


The mind and the gut are intricately linked. Stress-constipation can be caused by a host of factors, including gastrointestinal disruptions, changes in diet and lifestyle, and inactivity. Reduce the stress in your life through mindful meditation, yoga or a daily exercise routine.

A hand holding a pill bottle with other pills behind in a medicine cabinet


Different medications, particularly prescription drugs, can cause constipation. Though you may have to stay on the medication, it’s helpful to know the source of your constipation so that you can eliminate other factors and focus on relieving the symptoms.

An osmotic laxative bottle in front of a magnifying glass showing movement through the digestive system


Osmotic laxatives like RestoraLAX® work with the water in your body to hydrate and soften the stool, making it softer and easier to pass.

Proudly certified by the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation (CDHF)

RestoraLAX® proudly displays the CDHF Certified Symbol of Distinction which indicates that the Foundation acknowledges the efficacy of RestoraLAX® for the relief of occasional constipation.

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